Message for Existing Nat Geo Games Account Holders and GameSaver Members:

In an effort to offer better service and a better Nat Geo Games experience for downloadable games, we have engaged a new business partner who has enhanced all aspects of the Nat Geo Games site.

One of the results of this change is that your previous account and login will no longer work on the new site. Simply create a new login and password at the new site.

In addition, if you are a GameSaver member your discount on games will not work on the new site. However, GameSaver discounts will still be honored at the old site. You can continue to utilize your GameSaver discounts until you cancel your membership. Please note that you must fulfill your commitment according to the Terms of Service of your GameSaver subscription even if you decide to cancel.

If you are not a GameSaver member:
1. Register on our new Nat Geo Games web site.
2. Join our new GamePass discount program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use my GameSaver membership on the new Nat Geo Games website?
Nat Geo Games has changed its technology partner and our new partner does not have the GameSaver subscription option. If you are a GameSaver subscriber your discounts will still be honored at our previous partner site.

Will I receive a discount if I cancel my previous membership and join the new service?
You can join our new GamePass program and continue receiving deep discounts on games once your current subscription to GameSaver is cancelled. Please note the Terms of Service of your GameSaver subscription as you must still fulfill your membership commitment.

Am I Bound to Complete My GameSaver Subscription Obligation?
Yes, your per-game discount was contingent on your purchase of one game a month for a subscription period. Once you have completed your subscription we recommend you cancel GameSaver and sign up for our new GamePass discount option, which has an option to opt out at any time. Please email NG Games Support with any questions regarding your obligation to GameSaver, or call toll free 1 800 899 9692.

Why isn't my Nat Geo Games login working?
Please create a new account at our new site. Accounts created on our previous site are not recognized by our new technology partner.

Why can't I see my game history?
Games that you have previously purchased remain on your hard drive and can still be played. But since Nat Geo Games has engaged a new technology partner, our new site will not include your previous history. If you cannot locate a previously purchased product, please email NG Games Support for assistance, or call toll free 800 899 9692.

I'm having trouble signing up for the new service.
Please email customer service or call 1 800 899 9692 for assistance.

Do I have to pay to re-download games I purchased under my GameSaver membership?
Any games purchased under your GameSaver membership do not have to be re-purchased. They remain on your computer's hard drive and in your "programs" file. Please email customer service or call 1 800 899 9692 if you are having trouble finding games you have already downloaded.

Can I still play Nat Geo Games?
Yes, anyone can locate and download all Nat Geo Games products anytime at our new Nat Geo Games web site.

Why does the Nat Geo Games site have a new look?
Nat Geo Games has a new and more user-friendly design and interface. GamePass, our new games discount program, does not require a "term" and players may opt out at any time without penalty.

Do I have to re-create my profile and avatar?
Please visit our revised and improved site to re-register for an account. The Nat Geo Games site no longer supports avatars.

Will I still get the same benefits if I sign up for the new service?
You will receive the same great benefits and many more. You can preview FunPass for FREE at our new site.

Did You Know?

Proceeds from the sale of our games help further National Geographic's nonprofit mission to increase global understanding through education, research, and conservation. Your support counts!

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